Xenical is a medicine that helps reduce body weight

Xenical is a prescription medicine that helps reduce body weight by eliminating fat via the digestive system. Xenical is not an appetite-suppressant. Its action lies in the blocking of fats that enter our digestive system with food. This medicine affects the lipase released by the pancreatic gland and prevents it from breaking down fats. As a result, at least one third of the fats we take with food remains in the digestive system and then are eliminated from the body.

Xenical was developed by the F.Hoffmann-LaRoche Ltd. (Switzerland). This is a user-friendly and effective medicine. With proper intake, it does not cause any severe side effects, and it goes well with other medications. Besides, this medicine can reduce bad cholesterol, control the amount of insulin in the body, reduce blood pressure and helps prevent diabetes. Xenical can be purchased at a drugstore.Xenical should be taken on the professional advice, and hence it is not sold without prescription. There are lots of factors that cause overweight, and it takes a close and professional examination to determine one. Xenical will only be effective if you strictly follow all doctor’s recommendations and do not stop using it without his or her advice.